Welcome to TLC Blockcare

TLC Blockcare for all lifestyle blocks, homes and town maintenance services throughout Canterbury.

At TCL Blockcare we have the manpower, the equipment and the expertise to do the heavy work on your lifestyle block, farm or city property.

Our Services

Tractor Work

All tractor and loader work undertaken using a modern and capable tractor manned by experienced operators. We offer a full range of services including harrowing, discing and grading, lime and fertilizer spreading, baleage moving and stacking, paddock rolling.


Our highly experienced stock manager can look after your stock including weighing, shifting, drenching and tagging.We can also look after your farm animals while you are away on holiday.

Water Care

We can meet all your water needs including troughs, piping, insulation, maintenance and leak finding etc for your livestock.We can also set up and maintain irrigation for your gardens.

Topping, Mowing, Spraying

We can maintain your paddocks, manicure your lawn, provide a spraying service for weed control.


Fences broken? Shed’s a mess? Need a lick of paint inside or out?Leave it to us, whether it be a careful and professional repair in your home or in your shed, fences, yards, races, whatever – we can do it.

Gardening, Landscaping

From establishing a new lifestyle block or garden, to landscaping, garden maintenance, pool and tennis court maintenance, we can do it all for you.


At TLC Blockcare we provide a full range
of services for lifestyle block owners and city gardens. When you use our services you are guaranteed:

  • Experienced, hardworking team
  • All staff/contractors security checked
  • Fully equipped to get the job done quickly and efficiently
  • Stringent health & safety standards
  • All workmanship fully guaranteed

Any job Canterbury-wide – we are the only contractor to cover from one end of the block to the other
Call us now on 03 928 3984 or 021 223 3364